Letter of Intent Template

Easily set up purchase agreements and other partnership deals with Formstack Documents's easy-to-use template.

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Putting together a thorough and well-drafted letter of intent can mean the difference between a successful business partnership or a deal that falls apart. Use Formstack Documents's document generation tools to start new partnerships off right. No manual data entry needed! This letter of intent example comes equipped with sections for purchase details and signatures. Connect this letter of intent template to your platform of choice (like a CRM or your online form builder) to pull data from key systems and add it to your document. Easily customize your letter for different partners, customers, or clients by dynamically showing or hiding fields and sections depending on the information included. After you've populated your letter with information, it's time to share it with stakeholders. Formstack Documents offers multiple delivery options so you can send documents where they need to go fast. Easily set your delivery workflow on autopilot by emailing this letter to partners or customers for review, sending it to an eSignature app like Adobe Sign to collect important signatures, or routing it to your preferred cloud storage app for later reference.

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